Retrieving ineffective projects invested by foreigners

18/10/2017 13:24

This is one of the main contents at Resolution No. 103/NQ-CP on orientations to increase efficiency of attracting, using and managing foreign direct investments in future.




The Government requires all ministries to check and complete regulations of land and house so as to research and release guidance documents for land reform law with the aim of narrowing down the gap between foreign and domestic investors once accessing to land law. 
In addition, compiling all documents regulate that the State will be responsible for retrieving planned land, announcing land use plan or compensation, supporting for resettlement, making the source of land to moderate land market and make a foundation for luring investors, establishing clear structure in land management. 
The Prime Minister also entrusts for deputy of all ministries to improve bidding structure, land bidding, overall check, and land using project categories; retrieve all projects taken for foreign investors but not used or ineffectively used to bid or transfer for another potential investor.  
In terms of allowing foreigners to buy home, the Government requires all ministries to review pilot cases for enlarging candidates, providing affordable conditions and simplifying process, procedures as foreigners buy and own houses. 

(Source: DĐDN)


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