Overloaded infrastructure due to blooming riverside projects

22/10/2017 16:36

More and more high-rise buildings have been built on the banks of rivers and canals in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). Experts said these projects will accelerate the urbanization but also easily make the local infrastructure overload with flooding and traffic jam. 



Currently, two banks of Saigon river are privatized. “Seemingly riverside is no longer a public space serving more than 10 million citizens but belong to the rich,” said Member of the National Assembly Tran Trong Nghia at a meeting with the HCM City People Committee and Secretary of HCM Party Committee Nguyen Thien Nhan. In many countries, riverside is a public space, while the Saigon riverside is dominated and divided into pieces by the “interest group”.  

Overloaded infrastructure due to blooming riverside projects
The booming of property projects along Saigon riverside has put press on infrastructure
(Photo: Dinh Du-Ngo Binh)

The Planning for Construction by HCM’s Planning and Architecture Department includes: Thu Thiem New Urban Area (East Coast) and the extended planning of the existing city center, covering a total area of 930 ha, with District 1, District 3, 4 and a part of Binh Thanh District (West Coast).

Work progress at many projects in the West Coast, especially ones that known as the city’s symbols in future, have been accelerated to complete them as soon as possible. As planned, the Saigon port area will be filled with high-rise commercial & residential buildings.

Thu Thiem urban area is also built at a rapid pace with a series of housing projects and commercial centers built by domestic and foreign developers. In addition, there are other projects located near and along the river in District 2, District 4 and District 7 such as Empire City, The Gold View, River City, etc. 

Generally, prices of riverside apartments are higher than ones of other apartments. Earlier, Thao Dien Sapphire project, located on Nguyen Van Huong Street, District 2, was fined VND1 billion and forced to dismantle the additional area increased by breaking regulations on the backward distance of Saigon River and Ong Hoa canal.  

According to some experts, the massive development of housing projects will cause overloaded infrastructure, affecting the quality of life of local residents in the long run. Typically, the projects under construction and unsynchronized infrastructure have made a part of Nguyen Huu Canh Street in Binh Thanh district flooded when it rains heavily.

(Source: Seatimes) 


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